How do you know if you're intersex?

It depends.  A lot of girls find out because they’re 20 or older and still have never had a period.

People who had an infant assignment surgery usually figure out what the scars are about.

Unless it’s really obvious, a lot of people don’t find out until they’re adults and manage their own health care.

I’d have to know more about the situation to be able to give better hints as to what might be going on with a specific person.

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Hi, I was recently linked to an article by an Australian intersex organisation that was using intersex as a noun rather than an adjective (saying "intersex" rather than "intersex people"). I can't shake the feeling that this is not the preferred way to phrase it, however, I am not intersex so I do not know if this is the usual way of using the terminology. Could you please clarify this, to the best of your knowledge?

Okay, so there are male people, female people and intersex people.

It gets a bit odd because the plural of ‘intersex’ is still ‘intersex’.  So it works out like this…

Works:  A new scholarship is available to females.
WTF No!:  A new scholarship is available to intersexes.
Works (I guess):  A new scholarship is available to intersex.
Best: A new scholarship is available to female students.
Best: A new scholarship is available to intersex students.

Nouns objectify us whereas adjectives describe us.  Objectification can often ‘other’ us when intersex people just want to live our daily lives just like anyone else.

Also never use the ‘-ual’ suffix.  It drives me nuts to hear ‘intersexual’ because the ‘-ual’ suffix describes orientations, not people.  People can be homosexual or heterosexual but ‘intersexual’ is not an orientation.  The study of intersex people is just that, and not the study of ‘intersexuals.’

Then again, intersex can be a topic.  If you’re doing research on how AIS bodies differ from CAH bodies, you could write, “I am researching intersex.”  That’s really no different than writing, “I am researching chromosomes,” or, “I am researching genetics,” and is fine.

I hope this helps?

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I heard this before and I want o set the record straight because I'm sick of rumors if we say a woman has XXY chromosomes. they have the body of a woman and face of one but have external male organ can they get someone pregnant?

I’ll try my best at this one because this one gets tricky.  I apologize in advance if I get some of it wrong.

Of the XXY people I’ve talked to, about half identify as female and the other half as male.

As far as I know, XXY people can produce sperm but very often in such low quantity to actually get a girl pregnant.  There was an episode of Baby Story on Discovery Channel about two weeks ago where a XXY guy was able to get his wife pregnant but it took some medical help to find enough of them to inseminate his wife’s egg.

Don’t really pay attention to the Y chromosome.  Studies often show up that XXY people end up XX dominant and are ordinary reproductive females, and also of females who test as being XY but are completely reproductive girls.

Probably my best friend ever finally came out to me after many years and said she tests XY but is a completely ordinary, reproductive female.

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I'm new to tumblr- is there an active intersex community? How can I connect?

Not on Tumblr, but pretty much any intersex person you’ve ever seen is on Facebook.

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This person just came back from learning that she has CAIS and does her best to explain it to us and how she feels about that.

Imy shares her five best things about having CAIS.

Note: Imy also shares that these are not common amongst all CAIS individuals, just among many she has connected to.

Intersex activist Del LaGrace Volcano asks people what they think makes them men or women.

Del is a really awesome person and I’m glad to have connected to a person such as Del who is willing to go out and create a video like this.


OII Chair Hida Viloria discusses intersex with activist Jeff Girard of

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